I recently received an MFA in dance from The Ohio State University. With an interest in non-traditional performance space, interactive technology, and a choreographic process that involves each dancer’s imagination and embodied history, my interdisciplinary research dismantles power structures in dance performance.

I thrive in interdisciplinary, collaborative communities and fervently investigate issues of power and representation in my teaching and creative research. Before pursuing a graduate degree, I explored the intersection of racial justice and dance at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. I graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in dance and biology and an eagerness to examine the world through the lens of my concentration in American Racial Multicultural Studies. Immediately upon graduation, I began performing professionally with Dancing People Company in Ashland, OR. My career with Dancing People spanned six seasons. We rehearsed four or five hours a day and toured nationally and internationally. As a dancer in a small company, I eagerly participated in the creative process. Equipped with effective communication skills, I collaborated with other dancers to create movement, make decisions, and problem solve.