Vasifis, Oxipit, Unknown A, and Sylv

The performers, Sydney Samson, Abby Koskinas, Caitlyn Higley, Kara Komarnitsky, and I created this quartet together. Each performer imagined and became their unique creature. (Please excuse the jarring edits–the piece was performed in the round and videoed from opposite corners.)

Experiential Window System

This interactive window came on the heels of a video installation that I made for the Hopkin’s Hall Gallery, State of Swing. Making this, I considered reality’s complexity, and the filtering and framing we do to make meaning for ourselves. Two videos play simultaneously, and filters hang on a pedestal for viewers to pick up and look…

Contra: Dance & Conflict Paper Presentation

Thanks to the Ray Travel Award, the Arts & Humanities Small Grants and the OSU Department of Dance Semester Funding Initiative, I have just returned from the 2018 Dance Studies Association conference, a meeting of international dance scholars and practitioners in Valletta, Malta. My paper compared the experiences of the Syrian-Lebanese population with those of…

Portal’s Edge

We took some of the phrase material from Rupture Front unto the mud, and made a dance film that stands alone. Thank again to Abby Koskinas and Sydney Samson, for their eagerness to try anything!  

Two Video

Claire Melbourne and I had a lot of fun dancing Two by Katherine Moore.

Rupture Front Video

Abby Koskinas, Sydney Samson and I proudly showed Rupture Front last weekend. According to the United States Geological Survey, a Rupture Front is “the instantaneous boundary between slipping and locked parts of a fault during and earthquake.”While creating this duet, I pondered the edges of female identity. Does identifying as female define me? Am I supposed to fit…

pour la liberté

I finished my latest dance film, pour la liberté, this week. Check it out below and leave me a comment to let me know what you think! (note: there is some nudity)

Intermedia: Who Has Control?

“Writing in 1966, the American artist, poet and publisher Dick Higgins looked back on recent developments in art and, challenging the legacy of abstraction and expressionism…, noted the emergence during the same period of what he called ‘intermedia’ art, a hybrid form that involved ‘the dialectic between media’, and that was the result of keeping…

Rupture Front (April 5-7, 2018)

3/30/17 update: The OSU Spring Concert is next weekend, and I’m excited to share Rupture Front. This Duet explores slipping and locked boundaries of identity, and wonders what erupts through the cracks in our crust. According to the United States Geological Survey, a Rupture Front is “the instantaneous boundary between the slipping and locked parts of a fault during…

Les Chants de Nectaire

I just performed to the prelude of Les Chants de Nectaire in Flutist, Daniel Gallagher’s recital, and it was an honor to share the state with such talented Musicians! I’m so grateful that Daniel sought me out and included me in the process! I hope we’ll continue to collaborate in the future! Les Chants de…