Technology, Video, and Film


These video installations disrupt the role of the audience as passive observer and ask viewers to co-author their experience. I intend for viewers to realize the labor and reward of active spectatorship, and to inspire them to continue actively shifting perspectives in their everyday lives.

Beyond the Frame (2018)


May 2019 – Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design Open House (Columbus, OH)

Window invites viewers to pick up and move a window to change a projected image. The window hangs in a dark room, and video projects onto its painted glass. When a viewer picks the window up, they move and tilt it to change what they see. Then, by hanging the window in a different place a viewer triggers a new video to play.

Swing State (2018)


October 2018 – Cinema Expanded (Columbus, OH)

For State of Swing, a gallery installation, a projector sits on a pedestal and plays a video of a red dancer and a blue dancer. Red and blue gels (or filters) hang on a hook from the pedestal. Signage asks viewers to pick up and look through the filters to limit what they see. The red filter blocks the blue image and the blue filter blocks the red image. In effect, by looking through a filter, viewers only see half of the video.

Video (2021)

Check out‘s website! The code in, written by Software Engineer Ben Serviss, builds the film’s own website. And to see what the site is thinking as you move your cursor, check out the console! Right-click (or control-click on a mac laptop), choose inspect, and select the console tab.


February 2021 – Dancescape ’21: a dance film festival (Winona, MN)

pour la liberté (2018)


December 2018 – Joinville International Fort Film Festival (Joinville, Brazil)
April 2018 – Iowa International Film Festival (Iowa City, IA)
April 2018 – Ohio Shorts, Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH)
September 2018 – (Semi-Finalist) Thessaloniki Cinedance International, (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Portal’s Edge (2018)


Sharpie Dancer (2018)

I animated this 10 second film loop with a sharpie on 16mm film.


October 2018 – Cinema Expanded Exhibition (Columbus, OH)

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