Pie Equals Square (July 27-29, 2018 in Minneapolis, MN)

Over a year ago, Gerry Timm, a retired medical engineering professor and dance lover,  gathered a choreographer, composer and dancers to create an evening of movement, music and media.

I will be dancing along side Tazz Germaine Lindsay, Leslie O’Neill, Doug Hooker, Rachel Clark, and Gerry himself. Choreography is by Paula Mann and sounds design is by Hans Kruger of Black Market Brass.


A mad inventor tries to apply logic to the absurd and abstract. Distant memories, ideas and images smash together, surreal scenes and characters push, prod and taunt. We ask: what is irony? Where is sincerity? Who can I believe? Are the stories we tell ourselves real or fake?  Our inventor finds himself in a world where the rules have changed and irreverence abounds. Pie equals Square is a structural feat that constantly evolves and folds in on itself, challenging the timeline of our shared existence. Choreographer Mann’s idiosyncratic, whimsical post-post modernist movement combined with composer Kruger’s melodic, soulful sound score provides the perfect counterpoint to our inside-out rollercoaster world


Tickets for Minneapolis, MN performances July 27-29

Tickets for Edinburgh, Scottland performances August 14-22

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