State of Swing (Hopkins Hall Gallery Oct 15 – Nov 29)

What you need to know before you watch: I created this film for exhibition in a gallery show called Cinema Expanded. It will be in the Hopkins Hall Gallery from Monday, October 15 to Thursday, November 29. 

The projector sits on a pedestal on the gallery, shining this film onto a white wall. Colored gels (or filters) hang on the pedestal for gallery goes to pick them up and play with the projected light.

The label says:

State of Swing

Digital Video, Colored Gels

Dancer: Abby Koskinas

Runtime: 10:02

We build realities out of what passes through our filters. These images are incomplete.

Look through a filter to limit what you see. Hold the filter in front of the projector to limit what everyone sees.

You can’t fully experience this without being here because the blue filter erases the red image and the red filter erases the blue image.

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