Les Chants de Nectaire

I just performed to the prelude of Les Chants de Nectaire in Flutist, Daniel Gallagher’s recital, and it was an honor to share the state with such talented Musicians! I’m so grateful that Daniel sought me out and included me in the process! I hope we’ll continue to collaborate in the future!

Les Chants de Nectaire was written by French composer, Charles Koechlin. According to Daniels program notes, Koechlin’s compositions were inspired by “nature, science, mathematics, astronomy, literature, and cinema.” This particular piece was inspired a character in a novel who depicts nature and mankind with his wooden flute.

When I met Daniel, he asked for an eerie piece to introduce the next few sections. His program notes describe the music’s sustained notes, harmonics, and quiet dynamics portraying stillness and mystery.

I felt like a predator as I created this piece, oscillating between big cat and spider. The video of the performance is below.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I’m very interested in all the connections revolving around this performance. There is the movement, which seems to be inspired by the music. And the music, which represents the character in said novel. Additionally, I’m curious about the relationship between nature and mankind that you mention in Daniel’s program note. Do you think the eerie nature of the music or the predatory aspects of your movement we’re affected at all by that relationship? Interesting to think about how everything is connected here.


    1. That’s a great question, Jeff! I actually was unaware of the connection between nature and mankind when I created the movement, but I don’t doubt that a subconscious connection was there because of my relationship to the eerie music.


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